Compatible for MG BMC B-Series MGB 5 Main Bearing 800hp Conrods H-beam Connecting Rods

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  • * 1.H-Beam con rods fit for MGB 4cyl // MGB 1800 5 Main Bearing
  • * 2.Advertised Horsepower Rating: 600HP~800HP
  • * 3. Forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly quality steel
  • * 4.Dimensions: Center to center length: 165.1mm;Big end diameter: 51.338mm;Small end diameter: 20.62mm;Big end width: 25.3mm;Small end width: 25.4mm
  • * 5.Package Contents: 4 Pieces of H-Beam Connecting Rods; 8 Pieces of ARP 2000 3/8" bolts (Note: Extra cost for upgrading to ARP L19 bolts)
  • * 6.Performance Con Rods
  • * 7.Advertised RPM Rating: 7000-9000 rpm
  • * 8. Fastener Tensile Strength (psi):200,000 - 230,000 psi
  • * 9.Balanced to within +/- 1 gram per end
  • * 10.The big end bores are honed to a +/-.01mm tolerance
  • * 11.Heat-treating & Shot-peened for remained consistent and strong
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CR-Compatible for MG-165
CR-Compatible for MG-165
1. High Performance Material
1. High Performance Material
Forged 4340 EN24 aircraft chrome moly quality steel for racing
2.High Quality Components
2.High Quality Components
With Standard ARP 2000 Bolts (Upgradable ARP L19)
3.Professional H-Beam Design
3.Professional H-Beam Design
Improve stiffness, reduce stress risers and reduce weight
4.Precision Machining Manufacturing
4.Precision Machining Manufacturing
Shot Peening for improved fatigue life. 100% CNC machined for superior tolerances,Precision rod cap alignment dowels


Compatible for MGB 4cyl MGB 1800 5 Main Bearing
Compatible for MG MGB roadster 1962–1980
Compatible for MG MGB GT 1965–1980


Performance Con Rods
Piston Bolt Hole: +-4/1000mm
Power: 600hp ~ 800hp per set
Strength of the fastening (PSI): 200.000/230.000 PSI
Torque: 48ft ≈ 65 NM
Top speed: 7000-9000rpm
Quantity: 4 Pieces a set as showing in picture
Bolts: Including Genuine ARP 2000 3/8" bolts (Note Extra cost for upgrading to ARP L19 bolts)
Type: 4340 EN24 H-Beam Connecting Rod
Weight Tolerance: Balanced to +/- 1 gram in set
Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect


Center to center length: 165.1mm
Big end diameter: 51.338mm
Small end diameter: 20.62mm
Big end width: 25.3mm
Small end width: 25.4mm


- Forged SAE 4340 Chrome Moly Steel for the highest strength and durability, dedicated for Racing
- Designed and processed by CNC machine.
- All big and small ends are finished with SUNNEN honing machine
- Precision alignment sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size and eliminating cap walk
- 100% X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed
- Multi-stage heat treated
- Shot peened to relieve stress
- Come with the bronzed bushing suitable for the floating piston pin

Racing History

- Won the Grand Touring category compatible for victory in the 1965 compatible for Monte Carlo Rally.
- Won the Guards 1000 miles race at Brands Hatch in 1965.
- Won the 84-hour compatible for Marathon de la Route at the Nurburgring in 1966.
- Won the GT Category in the 1966 Targa Florio, and also the 1966 & 1967 Spa 1000.


- Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
- For any needs please contact us

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