A coilover is an automobile suspension device. The main purpose of a coilover is to adjust the ride height of your vehicle. A coilovers Kit consists of a damper and a shock absorber with a coil spring around it.

The damper and spring are assembled as a unit prior to installation, and are replaced as a unit when either of the sub-components fails. Maxpeedingrods 24 ways adjustable Coilovers kit's allow adjustment of the vehicle's suspension. This allows you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilovers system. You can enjoy comfortable riding experience in all road conditions.


For Mazda Miata Roadster MX-5 MX5 NA MK1 1989 - 2005 Suspension Kit Coilovers

£173.00 £214.00

Coilover Coil Spring Over Struts Adjustable For VW Golf2 Golf3 Jetta2

£147.00 £179.00

24 Damper Adjustable Coilovers Spring Struts for Honda Civic 5TH Gen 1992–1995

£262.00 £308.00

Height Adjustable coilover Suspension Coilovers Spring For BMW 3 Series E46

£242.00 £275.00

For VW MK5 MK6 Golf/GTI/R32 Beetle 2006-2015 Coil Spring Strut Coilovers Full Kit

£173.00 £208.00
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