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H-Beam Connecting Rods

* Including genuine arp 200 3/8 or 5/16 bolts(extra cost for upgrading to arp l19 bolts)
* Forged sae 4340 chrome moly steel for the heighest strength and durability
* Designed and processed by cnc machine
* All big and small ends are finished with sunnen honing machine
* 100% X Rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed


* Precision manufactured from 4340 EN24 aircraft chrome moly Billet steel
* Minimal Heat Treatment Distortion
* Minimal Size Change Resistance to abrasions & burn characteristics
* No reduction in the Cores strength
* Metal protection
* Suited for high output compatibility


* Adjustable ride height and pre-load spring tension.
* Pillow ball top mount-- helps combat noise while tunning, also improves the steering feel and response.
* Most components are made from Aluminium 6061-T6 for great hardness.
* High tensile performance springs - less than 0.04% spring deformation under 600,000 continuous tests.
* Galvanized zinc coated steel struts optimize corrosion protection for long lasting use.
* All inserts come with fitted rubber boots toto prevent unwanted dirt and particulate from coming in contact with the hardened chrome piston rod or getting into the valve packs.