For Austin Conrods

4340 Connecting Rods For Austin | H-beam Conrods For Austin | Conrods For Austin With ARP Bolts

Choose the most popular street performance H-beam connecting rods conrods con rods for Austin with ARP bolts on Maxpeedingrods. The forged reinforce conrods will fit for Austin Mini Cooper S A+ 1275CC, Austin Mini Cooper S 1275CC and so on. Maxpeedingrods Connectingrods are in-stock and available for all Austin models with free shipping.


For Austin Mini Cooper S A+ 1275CC Sprite 1.3L H-Beam Connecting Rods Conrods

£239.00 £409.00

For Austin Mini Cooper S 1275cc 1.3L A Series Connecting Rod Rods 1964-1980

£225.00 £309.00
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