For BMW Conrods

4340 Connecting Rods For BMW | H-beam Conrods For BMW | Conrods For BMW With ARP Bolts

Choose the most popular street performance H-beam connecting rods conrods con rods for BMW with ARP bolts on Maxpeedingrods. The forged reinforce conrods will fit for BMW E36 M3 325i 325s 328i, BMW E30 E36 318IS M42b18, BMW E30 M3 S14 and so on. Maxpeedingrods Connectingrods and other performance auto parts are in-stock and available for all BMW models with free shipping.


Forged 4340 EN24 Connecting Rods for BMW E36 E46 328i 325i M52B28 Conrods

£294.00 £599.00

For BMW E30 E36 318is M42 M42B18 M44 M44B19 140mm Connecting Rods Conrods

£195.00 £280.00

For BMW E30 M3 S14 2.3-2.5L I4 H-Beam Connecting Rods Performance Conrods

£202.00 £228.00

For BMW 325e E30 M20 M20B27 2.7L Connecting Rods H-Beam Conrods

£294.00 £298.00

For BMW M50 M52 M52TU M52B25 24V H-Beam Connecting Rods Conrods

£298.00 £325.00

For BMW 2002Ti/Tii Turbo M10 High Performance H-Beam Connecting Rods Conrods

£207.00 £226.00

For BMW S1000RR K46 Conrods Connecting Rod rods with ARP bolts


For BMW S38 S38B35 S38B36 S38B38 e24 e34 e28 144mm ARP2000 Connecting Rod Rods

£298.00 £330.00

For BMW M60 M60B40 4.0L M62 4.4L Conrods Con Rod Connecting Rod Rods 143mm

£511.00 £550.00
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