Connecting Rod Conrods for JDM compatible for Honda Civic CRX D16 D16A D16Y7 D16Y8 D16Z6 ARP2000 Bolts

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  • * H-Beam con rods fit for JDM compatible for Honda Civic CRX D16 ZC SOHC VTEC D Series
  • * Advertised Horsepower Rating: 600~800HP
  • * Material: Forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly quality steel
  • * Dimensions: Center to center length: 137mm; Big end diameter: 48mm; Small end diameter: 19mm ( tapered small end); Big end width: 22.8mm; Small end width: 18.2mm
  • * Package Contents: 4 Pieces of H-Beam Connecting Rods; 8 Pieces of ARP 2000 3/8" Bolts (Note: Extra cost for upgrading to ARP L19 bolts)
  • * Performance Con Rods
  • * Advertised RPM Rating: 7000-9000 rpm
  • * Fastener Tensile Strength (psi):200,000 - 230,000 psi
  • * Balanced to within +/- 1 gram per end
  • * The big end bores are honed to a +/-.01mm tolerance
  • * Heat-treating & Shot-peened for remained consistent and strong
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High Quality Components
High Quality Components
With Standard ARP 2000 Bolts (Upgradable ARP L19)
Precision Machining Manufacturing
Precision Machining Manufacturing
Shot Peening for improved fatigue life. 100% CNC machined for superior tolerances,Precision rod cap alignment dowels
Professional H-Beam Design
Professional H-Beam Design
Improve stiffness, reduce stress risers and reduce weight
High Performance Material
High Performance Material
Forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly quality steel for racing.Advertised Horsepower Rating:800HP


The connecting rod, also known as the con rod, is the part of the piston engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft.The connecting rod and the crank convert the reciprocating motion of the piston to the rotation of the crankshaft.The connecting rod needs to transfer compression force and tension from the piston and rotate at both ends.
This connecting rod is guaranteed to fit for JDM compatible for Honda Civic CRX D16 D16A D16Y7 D16Y8 D16Z6.This is a brand newconnecting rod replacement and is the perfect OEM & aftermarket connecting rod.
The high strain of the connecting rod due to tension, pressure and torsion requires the connecting rod to be designed with high strength and low weight. With the high-quality product range from Maxpeedingrods, you are always on the safe side.


1986–89 compatible for Acura Integra (USA)
1986–89 compatible for Acura Integra (Australia)
1988–1991 compatible for Honda Civic Si, CRX Si
1990-1991 for Civic EX (4dr), Civic Wagon RT4WD
1988–1991 for Civic GTi in New Zealand
1988–1989 for Civic models in Europe (ED4, ED7)
1995 for Civic models in New Zealand (EG4)
1988–1995 for Models in South Africa
1998–2000 compatible for Honda Civic GX
1996–2000 compatible for Honda Civic HX
1996 compatible for Honda Civic EX (sedan Peruvian version)
1996–2000 compatible for Honda Civic VTI
1992–1995 compatible for Honda Civic Si
1992–1995 compatible for Honda Civic EX, EX-V
1992–1995 compatible for Honda Civic ESi (European Market)
1993–1995 compatible for Honda Del Sol Si (US)
1993–1996 compatible compatible for Honda Del Sol ESi (European)
1992-1995 compatible for Honda Civic RTSi
1996–2000 compatible for Honda Civic EX Coupé
1991–1993 compatible compatible for Honda Civic Ferio EJ3 (For JDM)
1992–1995 compatible for Honda Civic EJ1 (For JDM)
1992–1995 compatible for Honda Domani MA4 (For JDM)
1993-1997 compatible for Honda del Sol (Si)


Type: Forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly quality steel for racing
H-beam Conrods Quantity: 4 Pieces a set
Bolts: Including Genuine ARP 2000 bolts
Note: Extra cost for upgrading to ARP L19 bolts
Bolts Size: ARP 2000 3/8" bolts
Tolerance: Balanced to +/- 1 gram in set
Piston Bolt Hole: +-4/1000mm
Advertised Horsepower Rating: 200HP/piece
The big end bores are honed to a +/-.01mm tolerance
The connecting rods all include ARP 2000 bolts, which are rated at 220,000 psi, and the optional ARP L19 material at 260,000 psi is available as an upgraded product.
Top acceleration: 9000rpm
warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect


Center to center length: 137mm/5.394"
Big end diameter: 48mm/1.890"
Small end diameter: 19mm/0.748"
Big end width: 22.8mm/0.898"
Small end width: 18.2mm/0.717"
(Note: Please confirm the dimensions before purchase the connecting Rods)


- Performance Con Rods
- Material: Forged SAE 4340 Chrome Moly Steel for the highest strength and durability, dedicated for Racing
- Genuine ARP 2000 bolts ,Optional ARP L9 fasteners available as an upgrade
- H-Beam design reduces weight without compromising strength
- Heat-treating & Shot-peened for remained consistent and strong. Shot-peened finish to remove potential for stress risers
- 100% CNC machined,Precision rod cap alignment dowels
- Bores finished to +/- .01 mm
- Balanced to within +/- 1 g per rod
- Each rod is magnetic particle tested to ensure free of flaws
- 100% X-rayed, sonic tested;


- Please be kindly reminded that you may need to notch the block when fit to D16Y7, D16Y8, D16Z6 engines. Please consider this before purchasing.
- Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
- Custom Service:If there's no conrods you need on our site, we would be happy to help determine your requirements and develop a solution with you to satisfy your needs.

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The box of conrods is shipped randomly.

How to Notch Your Block to Support Forged Rods

Editor’s Note: In today’s video, our friend and partner James Moore is going to show you how to notch your block to hold MaXpeetingRods’s forged rods.

With this video step by step video you can do it yourself. Not only in this D16Z6 engine but also in many other engines such as D16Y7, D16Y8 engines where the block is need to notch like here. And you’re going to save almost 600 dollars if such a mechanic task.

Step 1: Take the main girdle off.

Step 2: Mark on the inside with a sharpie to show about how much materials we’ll need taken off of each cylinder. 

Step 3: Knock some of the material off. Moving the carbide bit in a motion and not stopping in one specific spot, because this will cut real deep in that one spot. Just keep it moving while you do it.

Step 4: Before put the crankshaft, bolts, and the connecting rods in to make sure that there’s plenty of clearance. The best way it’s to get the engine block hot tanked.

Step 5: Pressure wash this engine and dry it. We don’t want any of metal shavings circulating the engine so pressure wash this engine outside very thoroughly to make sure there’s no metal shavings.

Step 6: Take these caps off from the rods. Note that each rods is numbered. The reason for that is is so you don’t get the wrong cap on the wrong rod. They’re machined for each rod so make sure to put those on where they come off.

Step 7: Wearing gloves and put them(rods and pistons) on the crankshaft and put them into the cylinder to make sure you have clearance. Verify that there’s nothing hitting.

Step 8: Throw the main girdle on and torque this down.

Step 9: Verify that the bolt touch the main girdle/main cap so the inside on all four cylinders will have to be notched. (The weights are holding the main girdle from moving)

Step 10: Get the main girdle notched cleaned out, all the rods, pistons and everything installed. You can see the corresponding connecting rod cap matches to the corresponding rod and nothing’s hitting. 

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