For those who love off-road racing, they would not stay calm when hearing Nissan Patrol.


Admittedly, the masterpiece of the Japanese automaker Nissan has its history way back to 1951. And throughout the years, it has already become a symbol of high-spirited racing in the wild. Actually, at the beginning, Nissan Patrol was built for the military use. Only with the ambition to create a durable, go-anywhere and all-purpose vehicle, the Japanese auto maker made the land monster – Nissan Patrol, which finally stunned the world.


Until now, there are six generations of this legend off-road racing symbol. Known as the ‘Hero of All Terrain’, the latest 2015 Nissan Patrol now has jumped out from the curtain like a shining star.


Coming with a new front bumper and new vigorous and muscular front grille pattern with chrome, the all-new Patrol really dazzle your eyes. Besides, new colours like Grey Metallic and Pure White Pearl as well as a new Tan interior colour refresh your mind about how a SUV looks.


In addition to that, the worlds-first variable 4x4 mode select switch, which allows drivers to switch between sand, on-road and rock drive modes, is another highlight.


What’s more, the cutting edge hydraulic body motion control system (HBMC) has also been employed in the latest Patrol. Along with a new chassis and body frame, the vehicle possesses superb stability on rugged arid sandy terrain and delivers a comfortable ride in the city.


The Traction Control System, which can instantly reduce throttle to help restore grip, ensures your safety when a front wheel slips. However, the most practical device for the off-road racing lovers might be the Locking Rear Differential, which allows drivers to pull out of mud or loose sand easily by distributing torque evenly to the rear wheels.


And for the first time, Nissan has featured the Off-road Monitor, which will provide real-time information about such as tire conditions - steer angle, slip, pressure – and compass, ensuring the driver is always in control of the car.


Nevertheless, just as some people said, the newest is not always the best. If you are nostalgic, maybe a Nissan Patrol Y60 just suits your needs.


Comfortable and capable over rough ground, the Y60 is undoubtedly a natural choice for a used vehicle lover. The only weakness of this fourth generation of Patrol is its lightened engine, which limits the total power output. However, with a turbocharger installed to the car, this problem can be easily solved. Some turbochargers, like the internal waste-gate turbo needs blocking plate to cover the hole.


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