After suffering from a disastrous year on the F1 grid, Vettel has switched from Red Bull to Ferrari to start a new life next season. Will he succeed?


The four-time world champion has been in doldrums for quite a long time, since it is the first time he has been challenged by his teammate – Daniel Ricciardo, a racing talent from Australia, who won three Grand Prix this year, becoming the only non-Mercedes winner this year on the F1 grid.


Maybe it is true that the German needs to be in a new environment now to feel motivated again. However, Ferrari has had a fruitless year too – a winless year since 1993. And the dominance of Mercedes seems to continue for years. Thus, it is a truly bumpy road for Vettel to move forward.


Nevertheless, the German’s old team boss Christian Horner admits the talent Vettel possesses, and he believes the 27-year-old driver will learn a lot from his experience this year at last.


Horner said: “I think it was a very difficult year for him - a character building year, in many respects.


“He's had a lot of bad luck and things didn't go his way more often than not.


“On top of that, he was not happy in the car with the regulation changes from 2013 into 2014.


“He's a tremendously talented guy and I think it's the first time he's had a team-mate who has challenged him as well.


“Again, that is a different dynamic that he's had to deal with [because] he's always had team-mates covered in the past.


“It's been a difficult year, but not once has he let his chin drop or kicked the team.


“I think ultimately he’ll take away a lot of valuable lessons from this year.”


And Ferrari new team principal Maurizio Arrivabene feels confident about the work they are bound to do next season.


“Vettel brings with him the experience of winning, he has his four world titles and the enthusiasm to work together.


“He certainly wants to make the team grow alongside us. Having said that, even though drivers may be luxury employees they are still employees and they must work together with others.


Moreover, he believes the friendship shared between the two Ferrari drivers is another boost for the red.


He said: “I think Sebastian is well equipped for the job that awaits him. He gets on very well with Kimi and this is a positive element, even if I hope that they won't get on quite so well on the track, because the rule must remain that your team-mate is your main opponent.”


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