The World Rally Championship (WRC), is a rallying series organized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), culminating with a champion driver and manufacturer. The series currently consists of 13 three-day rallys, and each rally is split into 15-25 special stages which are run against the clock on closed roads.


?Perfect Test for the Products


The WRC is held once a year, and each season normally consists of 13 rallies driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. This very harsh environment proves to be a real test for the cars—whether the cars can offer safe, comfortable and pleasurable driving no matter the weather or road conditions, so that it attracts the automakers to come to challenge for titles for the test in front of their customers. Besides, the performance in the racing can really tell the manufacturers about the strength and weakness of their products so that they can do some improvement to the car before it lines up for sale.


?Ideal Place for Demonstration and Publicity


Just as the Volkswagen’s executive director group marketing Luca de Meo stated in 2011 that the accessibility of the WRC was a prime reason the decision was taken to commit the extra budget to a Polo R World Rally Car until the end of 2015, in the WRC racing field, the audience plays a role in the championship and identifies with the cars they see competing on the stage, providing the automaker a fabulous opportunity to persuade the customers to make a purchase by just attracting the people come to the field to enjoy the show. Moreover, the WRC has a massive media coverage including TV, radio and Internet, which provides a great media exposure and draws the attention of the globe, thus further extending its due influence.


However, despite all the benefits the automakers can get from the WRC, some of them just had to pull out of the game because of the financial constraint caused by economic downturn. Nevertheless, there is still good news that with the economic resurgence, we hope to see a far more exciting championship with more automakers competing on the stage.