Many people cannot understand why a racing car driver should be fit, for they simply take it that drivers just sit in their cockpit and turn the wheel. Wow, how easy it is! And so much fun! They would just cry out. However, to give it a second thought, they should find out how wrong they were. In this article, I would choose the F1 drivers as an example to show why a racing car driver should be fit.

Imagine you are driving the fastest car in the world and imagine the strain you will experience during the drive, especially at turns. You may undergo 5Gs, which means you will experience a force equal to five times your weight. And in this case, your head plus the helmet might reach the weight of25kg, so that your neck must be very strong to hold up your head. The longer the corner, the longer you must hold the weight above your head, despite being frantically banged around. Besides, the steering weight soars and weighs as much as a football player, which can be very hard to handle. Thus, the workout for strength of arms practised by racers in daily routines is very important. Usually, the racing drivers do weight lifting, wrist curl, pull-up and so on. However, the big difference between racers and weight lifters is that they have to be still small to go into their cockpits.

A human being has a resting heart rate of around 60 beats/minute, rising to around 150 during a run on the treadmill. But for a racing car driver, at the start of the race, the heart rate even reaches 190 beats/minute. During the race, the racer’s average heart rate is 160 beats/minute. This no doubt requires the racers to have incredible cardiopulmonary function.

Moreover, heat demands are the most extreme experienced in sports and the very point is the consequence of extreme temperature on a driver can be very severe. During F1 races in sweltering climates, the core body temperature of a F1 driver can exceed40C—several degrees above the normal37C, thus, making it more difficult to keep drivers hydrated. Besides, after the race, normally, a racer can lose4kgof his weight. Although many people under such circumstances may feel too exhausted to stand up, the F1 drivers can still talk happily with each other after the race.

Now I believe you have already known why a racing car driver as same her racing parts should be fit. I think you might tell your F1 fans children about it, and you will do them a big favor.