Former Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief Tony Eury Jr. has joined the driver development program of LFR Chassis of Mooresville, N.C.


Eury will take part in the driver development program as a competition director. In addition to him, Rob Fuller, the CEO of LFR Chassis, will help build the program along with the three-time champion racer Jeff Fultz and the 2011 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Ryan Stone.


The program was set up to help develop drivers in late model and modified divisions across the country.


LFR Chassis CEO Rob Fuller said in a statement: “With the experience level of our coaches and quality of equipment, we are taking a huge variable out of the developmental stages of a driver's progression.


“We have all wished at some point of our career to have the best equipment and most knowledgeable crew so we can test our driving ability, and all that is under one roof.


“We have worked closely with the NASCAR community throughout our 20-plus-year careers, and know what it takes to succeed in this ultra-competitive sport.”


Besides, Fuller mentioned that the plan is for all drivers including beginners and others with more experience who seek to boost their careers.


Fuller said: “What will be great about our program is that we will have entry level to pro level classes available.


“Some drivers might only drive a few races while others will continue through a few seasons. All this depends on the talent level shown throughout the year.


“We expect this to be a high-profile driver development program within the industry in a short amount of time.”


The drivers and teams will get cars and equipment from LFR Chassis. What’s more, the group will provide them with marketing, communications and public relations support as well as interview skills training.


It is said that two drivers have already signed with the group and the full team of development drivers will be announced after the entire roster is finalized.


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