Thanks to the car rental companies, the road trip dream finally comes true. However, renting a car is not always easy if you know nothing about it. So now I would like to give you some tips for renting a car.


You should determine what kind of vehicles you would like to have. If you’re travelling with children or there are many people travelling with you, you had better get a SUV or a large sedan. If you only travel with your lover and there is a tight budget, maybe the smallest model can suit your needs.


Think carefully about how long you will be renting. Although you might not believe it, the truth is whether you return your car early or late, you will be charged more. You’ll often pay an early return fee, usually about $15 a day, but even worse, your rate structure will most likely change and you’ll be responsible for the difference.


Avoiding unnecessary insurance will save you a lot. Car rental companies always try to sell insurance to you, which cover for a major crash, write-off and so on. However, the fact is you can buy insurance yourself and that is much cheaper.


Check your car carefully before you return it. Before you return your car, go around it and look for any damage, mark or minor scratches. You can even take a picture of the car as proof.


Fill up your car before you return it. If you let the company fill up the car, you will be charged more. Also, you should avoid the gas station near the airport where the price of gas is much higher.


Keep an eye on your credit card statement. Check your credit card statement a few days later to make sure the company has given back the caution money.


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