More and more people have their own cars, but their knowledge about car is very insufficient, so they will feel stuck when their cars have some problems. In fact, a lot of small questions can be resolved by themselves if they acquaint a little more about cars. So, let’s learn about the cars.

So, where to start?  It is believed that most of the troubles are from the power of the car. Next, we will mainly learn about the dynamical system of the car.

How to check

The oil quality is very important for the normal and healthy work of the dynamical system. What to learn is to master the inspection of the oil quality.

Oil quality checks include: transmission fluid and petrol.

The focal point of the transmission fluid: one key point is oil mass and quality, the other one is to changed per 20000 km or 1year. Please shift gears firstly when checking.

It is the same as the check for gasoline. Please do not remember to refuel until the gas tank is almost empty, or it will be a great wear for the engine


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