Road trip is fun. And if you can minimize the cost, it will be much more fun, which means you can spend the saved on what you desire most. However, how to save money on a road trip? Since many people do waste a lot of money on gas, I would like to give you some tips for saving gas during your self-drive tour.


Choose the right gas station. One thing deserves to know is that the station near the airport is much more expensive so that if you can avoid fill up your fuel tank in other places, it will be money-saving. Besides, you can go online for the gas price. AAA offers an online Fuel Gauge Report that lets you track gas prices across the country.


Always try your best to pack light. You might feel confused to hear this “pack light” strategy, for it is self-drive tour and the traveller is the one that can determine the baggage allowance. However, the more you carry with you, the more gas you need to pay for. On average, fuel efficiency is decreased by up to 2 percent for every 100 pounds load.


Master the gas-saving driving techniques. Most cars become less fuel efficient when the speeds are higher than 60 miles per hour. To be more specifically, for every 5mph you drive over 50mph, you are paying an additional $0.25 per gallon for gas. Besides, use cruise control on the flat road, which will stop you unconsciously speeding up and losing fuel. Moreover, you should turn on your air conditioner rather than roll down the windows. It might be a little difficult to believe rolling down the windows will consume more gas, but it is true that turning on the air conditioner now cause less drag on the engine and thus more fuel efficient, especially at high speeds.


Check your tires. One simple way to save gas is to keep your tires inflated. It’s much harder for your engine to get your car to move if the tires are not inflated.


Get yourself a clean air filter. A clean air filter can improve your car’s mileage by up to 10 percent, saving 39 cents a gallon or carry the car 23 more miles on a typical tank of gas. Actually, you should change your air filter every 8,000 miles, but if you live in a highly polluted area, you had better change it more often.


Take advantage of hotel gas offers. Some hotels offer gas cards or gas rebate. Maybe it will save you a lot if you book rooms in this kind of hotels.


Pick your days to fill up. Usually, on holidays or on long weekends, the price of gas will rise. Thus, remember to fill up on midweek days.


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