Test-drive is the most efficient way to know whether the car suits your needs or not. And now I would like to show you how to test drive a car.

Do your homework. First, you have to decide the very type of the car you would like to have. If you are single, maybe a two-seater is enough. However, if you have a large family and all of you enjoy road trip very much, maybe a SUV is the best choice. Also, you need to check the automaker’s website to know more about the car you want to have, such as the price, accessories, engine displacement and so on.

Bring your friend or family members along with you. Your friend or family members can keep the salesperson occupied by asking him or her questions about the car. Besides, they might point out the parts that you have overlooked.

Feel it. After you sit behind the wheel, ask yourself whether it is easy to get in or out of the car. If you find it very hard not to bump your head when getting in or out of the car, maybe you had better reconsider your choice. After you get into the car, you need to check whether it has enough head-room, hip-room and leg-room. If it is not enough, you should adjust the seats to see whether it can meet your needs at last. Remember to sit in the backseat as well to check whether the seats are comfortable or not. Before you start your car, you need to check the rearview mirror and side mirror to look for the potential blind spots. Also, check the gauges and control to make sure they are easy to read and use.

Choose your route. If you often drive into mountains, you had better test drive the car on the mountain road. Also, pay attention to its acceleration and downshift responsiveness and listen carefully to the noise it makes when you step on the gas. Besides, check the brake system as well to see whether the brake suddenly grabs or not. Moreover, you need to make sure that the car is easy to handle and its suspension system is soft enough to make a rough road ride comfortable.

Remain noncommittal. Even if you are really satisfied with the car, you cannot express the kind of feelings to the salesperson or it will be harder for you to obtain a discount later.

Check the trunk. After your test-drive, you should go to the back of the car to see whether the trunk is spacious or not.

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