Coilovers modification is actually to replace the shock absorbers that with harder damping, good quality and cooperate fully with the springs. It is the most important to select a suitable set of shock absorbers. Specially, it is more difficult to get balance between comfort and handling. In fact, there is no absolute formula for chassis suspension to follow up. They are designed by the majority of people’s approaching sensory! After all, the different volumes, weight, style, and different car models, they have nothing in common absolutely. While the modified coilovers can not fully meet the needs of all consumers.

Functionally, the springs are mainly responsible for supporting the car body weight, and absorb, storage energy temporary. The shock absorbers are using the shock absorber damping barrel of oil to make the kinetic energy converted into heat energy, then suppress the vibration energy when the springs pressured. In a word, the role of shock absorbers is to catch the springs.

If the car owners have nothing concept of modified suspension, it is better to choose the suit products by manufacturer to avoid the problem.

Whether it is good to choose a mono shock that is good sensitivity but likely to leakage or a complex cylinder that is long life but the shock reaction flat. In fact, it may be mainly based on the owners’ purpose and sensory perception.