It has to be said that the role of turbocharger, which is the reasons why lots of naturally aspirated car owners modified turbocharger. Especially the consumption tax levied, rising oil prices, turbocharger cars favored by more and more car fans. Car manufacturers have launched small-displacement, high power turbo cars.

Some car owners who have purchased a naturally aspirated car have pointed to the "turbo modification." Although modifying a turbocharger spending a lot, but it is much affordable to improve the car performance than change the car.

Buying the right first Turbo is a complicated challenge. That is why rookies should consult real experts to specify for you the right Turbo. A turbocharger is a power adder that has its specific name; you can differentiate by its purpose. The production industry differentiates three kinds of turbo: turbo for Motorsports, industrial purpose and fast road use.

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Another very important thing, before you do anything, is the engine information you will have to have. What kind of engine do you have? What's his capacity? And is the engine intercooled?

You can recognize your turbo specific name as a combination of numbers and letters, which are hiding information about whether the turbo fit your engine. Let’s take an example: GT1544V Turbo - Citroen Ford Peugeot Volvo Mazda Mini 1.6 L DV6TED4 Turbocharger. GT1544V stands for the turbo type, also there are some part numbers, which are the unique of a turbo. And the turbo fits the car maker of Citroen Ford Peugeot Volvo Mazda and Mini. What’s more, it must match the corresponding car modles, otherwise it will not be suitable for your car. Then 1.6 L means the engine capacity is 1.6 litres, which is a key factor, owners are all pursue a small-displacement car. Last, DV6TED4 is the engine code. So It is important that you have to know your engine, and then to select a appropriate turbocharger. Now when you know how to read the turbo specification right, you will have set yourself a power goal for your car to be able to award the right turbo to a suitable engine.

Large turbo on small engines are going to create small power bands. Conversely, if you combine two small turbo with a bigger engine you could get a want of power that is going to make the car look like it goes out of steam at high RPM. Most kits do need intercooled, to be able to direct air to the turbo, through another exhaust manifold. Depending on the vehicle, there could be need, too, for upgrading fuel pumps or larger fuel injectors. Beginners should better start with a car that comes with a turbo installed from the factory. In this way he will be able to get to know his Turbo better, and be able to choose a turbo upgrade, if he feels like it, afterwards. There is a way of simply upgrading the stock components for more efficient aftermarket versions. On some cars, the turbo upgrade will make a user to consider a customized engine management computer. Anyhow, if you ever should decide to turbo your car, please consult professional sources first. Although, there is great literature to find, a professional eye is going to be able to give you a more complete and more detailed version of the answers you expect.