The height adjustable coilovers damper, from racing technology, is defined as a damper designed with adjustable height springs.

Definitely, the most advantage of adjusting coilovers is convenient for adjusting each ground clearance of auto body four corners individually. The lifting height of each corner greatly influences the load of that wheel, such as enlarging the lifting gap of the left-back corner resulting to increase the load of the left-back wheel and its cater-corner wheel (the right front wheel). Meanwhile, the other two diagonal wheels (the left front and right back wheels) is decreased load.

Vice verse, if the lifting height is reduced. Therefore, the height adjustable damper is able to adjust static weight distribution of drivers and fuel to some extents.

On circuit, the professional racing team calculates the load from each wheel (also called corner weights), according to the relationship between lifting height and wheel-load. The racing car adjusted corner weights has less transfer weights and better balance of whole car, which contributes to upgrade the tire limit. Certainly, the ideal situation of adjusting corner weights is to divide the car weights equally (or reduce some wheel load on purpose for special effects). But in fact, unless formulate racing car could achieve weights even distribution ideally, most car, including GT racing car, do not finish it, especially FF homes motor natural unbalance causing by the weight of driver, engine and transmission focusing at the front.More racing parts are listed on

About road-car, most enthusiasts touch this special design only at the beginning of modifying the height adjustable damper, but they would not have enough patience to adjust carefully, after all, it’s really a big trouble that the load and lifting height of each corner should be adjusted as the number and location of passengers or the passing path every time before driving. However, from the point of practicability, it will be more helpful for them to replace a set of damper with a suitable short and hard spring, if they only want to lower the body height and reduce the bent over degree in turning.