Although F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone claimed that the sport did not need young fans last month, Ferrari now is warning that F1 must update its communication at once to bring the sport closer to its fans.


New Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne expressed his great concern for virtual entertainment from the Internet gradually takes place of other kinds of entertainment, especially for the expensive sport like Formula One in recent years. He urged the management of the sport to adopt new methods to access to the sport’s younger audience.


Marchionne said: “We must simplify and streamline and make the sport a lot more appealing for the world we live in.


“Otherwise we risk the possibility of just taking selfies and nothing more.


“We must, in fact, make a real revolution and work on this and I think we can do something on this in 2015.”


And new Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene also mentioned his worries about F1.


“There is a problem over the appeal of the races,” said Arrivabene.


He added: “Formula 1 must give people what they want in terms of the show.


“People are buying tickets - and expensive tickets - to watch F1. We have to listen to them and watch them and bring the sport closer to their needs.


 “We have to respond to the needs of fans or we will find empty tracks and just give awards to ourselves because no-one will be watching anymore.”


Besides, he noted the possibility for F1 to improve its communication with the younger generation.


He said: “We have a real possibility to make a show there, and a real opportunity to give some access to young people.


“We wouldn't need new regulations to do this, we just need the willingness to do it.


“We must know how to get the most out of the tools used by the new generation, which is how to attract young people and create the chances for fans to interact more with the stars of our sport. The Thursday of a Grand Prix weekend could, for example, be better exploited.”


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