On Monday, Honda bosses flew over from Japan to discuss the heated engine development issues with FIA. Although they have not reached an agreement yet, a spokesman from FIA commented that the meeting was constructive.


The spokesman said: “The meeting went well and we are discussing matters that arose.”


The problem arose at the end of last year when FIA issued a paper stating that the existing manufacturers Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes are allowed to make improvements to their engines after the start of the 2015 championship. And Honda, the new participant of the sport is not allowed to develop its engine during the season.


Certainly, this decision of FIA vexed this Japanese auto maker, who recently issued a statement to protest, which says “Honda believes in fair competition for the goodness of the sport, and for our fans.”


Also, Honda pointed out three aspects of this unfair rule:


1. Honda’s rivals can develop their engines during 2015 season while Honda cannot.


2. Honda can only supply four engines to their drivers in its first season this year, while the others could supply five engines in their first season last year.


3. In 2016, Honda has the same restrictions on the engines as other manufacturers.


Besides, some F1 insiders stand by Honda, saying that one way to solve this problem would be allowing Honda to homologate its engines as well. Moreover, they hold it that the current situation damages the F1’s reputation as a fair sport event.


Up until now, Honda has not revealed any details of their meeting with FIA. According to a spokesman from Honda, the company would not add anything to its previous statement on this matter “until we can get a further update from FIA should they reveal something.”


Well, as F1 lovers, we all hope that it will all end well at last. After all, we desire to see how McLaren-Honda will rewrite their glory history again.


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