Exhaust System

Exhaust performance is directly related to engine performance. When increase the intake, combustion intact, it is also need to strengthen the exhaust efficiency. High-performance exhaust pipe and muffler became the owner’s goal to pursue power improvement.

Chassis suspension

The biggest driving factor related to manipulation is chassis suspension system, the goal of original design is to fit the mass consumers. Chassis suspension system modification can be divided into coilovers replacement, strengthen suspension structure, car body and other parts. The most influential is coilovers modification. Coilover types: Original enhanced, strengthened the body height adjustable of the original, high professional sport, race-specific type. Owners should to choose coilovers based on their driving habits and needs.


Maxspeedingrods Featured Engine Parts for Coilovers and Exhaust Manifold :


High Performance 92-97 BMW 3 Series E36 M3 fully Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit


High Performance Volkswagen VR6 12V 2.8/2.9L T3 T4 GT30-42 KKK K27-29 Turbo Exhaust Manifold