?Help my old car

I have an old car. It is too old to run, but I still do not want to abandon it, as just like a closed friend, it has appeared to my life. I want to make a little transform for my old friends with changing a set of new connecting rods, however, what troubles me most is that I do not know how to change and operate. Some day, I went to the local Auto Supply Store, the repairer told me that he can not find a corresponding rod for my car. Can some one be kind enough to help me find an applicable connecting rod?


? I love Auto racing and have reached the degree of enthusiast.

But as someone who rarely know the joy of racing, you may have trouble fully understanding the minds of our these enthusiasts. The maintenance and modification will cost me half of the earning, I have spent a great deal of efforts on my racing car. Racing is a chain of moments of enjoyment, not only about rank and honor. OK, let's get to the point, driving my Porsche with the new change of turbocharger to the Sun Square, my buddies have been ready for this race. So wish me well, I can not wait to know the power of my new turbo which the recommender say that it is “utterly fabulous“


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