The car battery, discharging to power the starter motor, the lights and the ignition system of the vehicle and recharged by the alternator when the car is running, plays a very important part in the car. And once it is dead, one cannot go anywhere. Therefore, to know about the warning signs of a dead car battery is just in need and I am glad to oblige you with this information.


The first thing is the age. Normally, a car battery has a life of four years. However, due to the short trips and frequent use of electric gadgets, like the radio and DVD, you may change your battery every three years. Hence, if your car battery is nearly three years old, go and get a new one for yourself.


The car struggling to start might be another warning sign of a dead battery, which indicates the situation that when you attempt to start the car, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and it takes longer than normal to start. Besides, if in one minute your car starts and then the next minute it won’t start, it might be that your battery terminals are loose, broken, corroded or calcified?so that you need to check your cables to make sure that they have firm and secure fit onto the battery posts.


The dimming headlights can also be an indication. The battery powers all accessories and lights in your car. Thus, if you find the lights of your car is fading while the car is started, you need to check your battery first.


The electric accessories will be sluggish if the battery is very low. For example, the window will roll up and down slower than normal; the volume of the radio is low; or the dashboard lights are dim.


Swelling battery case is another warning, for the case is used to protect the battery. Once it is damaged, it cannot ensure the safety of the battery.


A rotten egg smell around the battery indicates battery leak and if that happens, you may take your car to the repair shop or just get yourself a new battery.


Well, that is all for the warning signs of a dead car battery. If you want more information about car maintenance, please contact Maxspeedingrods for help.