Nissan GT-R as a weight between Nissan and Toyota’s competition, it has been very popular. Since SKYLINE and SILVIA was approved on line again, its glorious history started. Now though GT-R is already out of SKYLINE, but it has been extended with sporty style. Today, the GT-R is marvelous, its ultra- one thousand horsepower has gone beyond the acceptable scale of generally vehicles.

For turbocharger engines, the pressure relief valve is a necessary part. In fact, the pressure relief valve is a protective device that can play a role in protecting engines and turbochargers. As the speed increases, exhaust gas pushing the turbine blades rotate, the turbine will supply a steady stream of compressed air to the engine. Then if I close the throttle, throttle will be closed immediately, but the turbo continues to rotate due to its inertia movement, that is to say the turbo will continue to produce compressed air. Like GT-R, the high- horsepower supercharged models, if the air flow speed pressure too high, it is easy to damage the throttle. Pressure relief valve can play a role in protection on intake throttle. Turning off the throttle in an instant, the intake pipe pressure rises, opens the top of the pressure relief valve, drains away excess air at pressure relief valve directly, which can reduce the damage to the throttle.

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