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1. Pictures of Cam Gears from Jake Belcher 
''Hello these are the pictures that you wanted when we finished putting in the cam gears.''

toyota 4ag cam gear from Jake


2. Pictures of Cam Gears from kristy Cole

"Hi ive attached some photos of the Toyota4age 1.6ltr engine and hydroplane. This is my 1.6ltr hydroplane boat running a 4age engine  with twin45mmwebbers custom made exhaust and fit out by my self and father, racing speed of around 90-100mphrunning a gearbox  of a step down of 3% gears and reving around 7-7500rpm. The boat has a fully enclosed safety cell which I run on board air system and radio communication, I am currently building a hotter 4age to run another class as this is stock class .Which is why i purchased the gears of you thank you."

 toyota 4ag cam gear from Kristy


 toyota 4ag cam gear from Kristy