Many people know F1, but just by name, that is, heard of it. So what is F1? Why do people enjoy it?And how should you nurture your interst in it? Let me explain it to you?


F1, the full name: Formula One World Championship, is the highest class single-seat auto racing, which is watched by 530 million people and can generate nearly $400 million in revenue for successful teams like Ferrari every year. The core of F1 is fast. However, apart from fast, it is also hi-tech. The F1 circus is comprised of 12 teams, each with two cars, by which the teams build themselves and get engines from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, or Cosworth. And all of the cars stand for the fastest and most hi-tech kind in the auto industry, fanning the desire of people to get one themselves. Nonetheless, the key that makes F1 aglobal enthusiasm is that it’s a truly global sport, for teams travel the globe from March to November on a 20-race odyssey that includes locales like Italy, Germany, Japan, Monaco and recently adding China and some other Asian countries.


Well, as a starter, how should you watch a F1 race?              


First, you need to know about the rules of the race. For each race, there will be a rank listed. The one who crosses the finish line first gets the highest score for himself and his team as well. After 20 races, the scores will be counted and the team and the player who gets the most points will be the champion of that year.


Second, you should pick a driver. Picking a driver that interests you will be a good way to watch the game. At least, you have someone to root for and follow the entire time.


Last, listen to commentary from team personnel or even get on Twitter to follow the latest news. Teams will tweet when they’re pitting—interesting tid bits on strategy, weather forecasts, tire choices, and more.


Now you have known all the information you need. Get started!