First, check the space of engine compartment is adequate before installing the turbocharger, if the space is too small to place a turbo, then you can’t layout the intercooler piping. If the space is enough, so you could begin to find if there is a large modified manufacturer has turbo kits that fit your car. Generally like today’s engine parts manufacturers will product turbo kits according to different models, the piping layout, the choice of turbo will be more suitable for your car, it is more convenient on the installation and tuning. If there is no suitable turbo kits for you, so you need to contact tuning stores to custom the kits, including the exhaust and other steps all need to custom designing, but nowadays it is common to install turbo. Many tuning shop could provide custom service. The most complex issue in the entire system is to tune up the computer. As having installed a turbo, the original car's ECU could not be controlled. So it is necessary to use a modified computer to take over the entire system to run, now the more popular are AEM and E-MANGER and other plug computers, these computers can support the fuel injection, ignition, intake and other adjustments. You only need an experienced technician to tune the computer. Then a modified turbocharger car, there is no any difference from the original turbo car. Note that, without enhanced the vehicle engine, the turbo pressure can’t be set too high, once the pressure is too high, it will damage the inside parts.