Having a high performance car implies the need for dedicated quality parts. One of the most important and easy upgrades you can do is to replace your coilover set. Essentially, a coilover is a shock absorber surrounded by a coil. The coilover fulfills an extremely important part – it basically connects the car to the road.

Choosing the proper coilover can be influenced by factors such as budget, the final look of the car and its function – a daily use car, a racer or perhaps a hybrid between the two. Knowing beforehand what the function of your vehicle will be will greatly shorten your quest. If you already have a high performance car, such as a BMW or a Subaru, you should definitely steer towards a coilover that can be adjusted according to your needs. Being able to control the damping of the coilover makes a great deal of difference, as it permits the user to fine-tune the stiffness of the suspension according to the environment it is used in – track, street ride, autocross, rally and so on. A second advantage brought by this modification is that it allows for a better handling of the vehicle – lowering its centre of gravity, minimizing roll and allowing for greater control from the end user. In addition, the car may benefit from a cosmetic makeover, as the aftermarket parts may lower the stance of the car, giving it a more aggressive attitude. 

bmw coilovers

Keeping this in mind, finding a supplier that fulfills all the above requirements and still has quality products - without forcing you to shell out enormous amounts of cash, may prove to be quite difficult. Fortunately, we have you covered, as a company with over 10 years of experience behind it takes the lead as one of the best choices out there: MaxSpeedingRods. Considering the extensive expertise they have in the field of high performance racing, manufacturing US-spec, European, Japanese and international superior quality parts, you can rest assured that your purchase was worth every penny. As an added advantage, they provide their customers with bespoke specifications parts. Interested clients can make custom orders and their impeccable customer service makes sure that the order is honored accordingly.

One of their many products, an example of a coilover set addressed to people who seek outstanding performance parts is the 92-97 BMW 3 Series E36 M3 316 318 320 323 325 328 24 Ways Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit, found here (http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/high-performance-92-97-bmw-e36-m3-3-series-24-ways-adjustable-coilover-suspension-kit-x4pcs.html). From the very start, the product exudes a premium feel, as the black and golden color combination help it stand out. The fully adjustable dampening on 24 levels makes sure you will be able to lower your car according to your need, be it a leisurely street cruise with a softer tune or an intense track day that might require intense stiffness. Made from lightweight materials, such as forged aluminum reinforced with T6 alloy, it will not add bulk to your ride and it will have a considerable life span. As a final touch, the coilover set comes at a minimal cost. Having premium performance parts no longer requires you to empty you bank account; now you have a budget friendly option, with included warranty and irreproachable customer service.

The article is provided by one of our customers , which is written for expressing his opinions about coilovers on his blog after buying our BMW coilovers.