With the introduction of nissan turbo cars, achieve the power and performance expectations through the turbo, this idea has become increasingly popular. In addition to the original vehicle configuration, turbo car modification upgrade space, it is essential common sense of car players. It can be expected, TIIDA Turbo in this sector have been modified to import more fun passionate manual transmission, provides car fans a new imagination.

Engine displacement largely determine the the data of power, the larger displacement engine theoretically should be able to output a larger horsepower, if the horsepower is limited due to the factors such as oil are consumed, then the torque output value will far exceed the small row gas engine .however the small displacement engine is limited priority, can’t it have a high- performance? Fortunately, the engine R & D person, use the disappearance of the exhaust system heat to drive the turbocharger to force fresh air into the engine agitation cylinder. So the small displacement engine is still accepted as a large number of cc into the gas engine, coupled with a set proportion of oil , still making large displacement engine horsepower and torque.

how turbo work

Actuation principle of turbo system, mainly using the waste gas after combustion engine to drive turbine exhaust blades, the intake side of the blade to rotate gain strength, began to learn more fresh air, and compressed into the engine combustion chamber, In the case of the air quality improved significantly, after the force of the explosion will be greater than the naturally aspirated efficiency.

Turbo engine compared to the naturally aspirated engine, the essential aspects are the following parts: the first section of the exhaust, turbo body, front exhaust, intake cooler, intake pipe, intake pressure relief valve, etc. The sequence of turbocharged engine actuation, first by the exhaust gas flowing into the exhaust side , and then push the exhaust side of the blade , while the discharge from the central outlet , flow front Pipe to tail section exhaust pipe, and then the exhaust gas heat will be discharged to the atmosphere. In the exhaust gas starts to operate drive wheels .While at the opposite side of the intake compressor wheel will follow the rotation, the fresh air is drawn from the middle of the intake port to the compression chamber and the outlet from the mouth side of the air began to engine transport, but the fresh air before entering the engine through the intercooler will first reduce the air temperature, the pressure will be sent to the outbreak of the cylinder. Since the amount of air entering the cylinder, is compressed into the engine automatic rather than passive inhalation, so the quality will be more much than naturally aspirated engine, and more than the atmospheric pressure, so that the intake vacuum pressure from the original, compressed into a positive pressure. In the cases of air quantitative turn more, just make up the right amount of fuel , the engine explosion forces will be much greater naturally , and this is the reason why supercharged engine output will be much more than the naturally aspirated engine.

Turbine engine hardware architecture surrounding complex than naturally aspirated engines , including exhaust header , turbo body , front exhaust , intake cooler , intake pipe , intake pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, etc. The naturally aspirated engine does not have, and therefore the higher cost, it can’t be universal in commercial vehicles.


Since turbo engine has such a large effectivenes, but because of its durability under the original fuel production considerations have not any brand turbo vehicles to choose from, and the prices are high, non-ordinary people can accept. The horsepower -oriented owners, in order to enhance the naturally aspirated engine horsepower is basically limited increase engine displacement to improve the cylinder compression ratio, increase the throttle and other methods. In fact, the effect is really limited. In order to a higher level, it is bound to replace the camshaft to obtain maximum performance, but after replacing the camshaft accompanying problems plaguing the real driver, because of the large angle of the camshaft will cause the speed variation, which is slow when using air-conditioners and other unstable loads difficult to maintain the operation is very easy to stall.


The main body of turbo has a