Congratulations! Now you own your long-desired Subaru Impreza, and what do you want to do about it next? Go on a high-speeding drive with friends, or just use it for daily life? We know that you want to make it a multi-functional partner and the handling of the vehicle must be of your great concern. So, here, Maxspeedingrods, with over ten years experience in motor engineering industry, would like to help you and provide you with the best high performance racing parts.


One way to make your car a multi-functional partner is to choose the right adjustable coilover for her. With a high-quality slip on coilover, you can fit into track, street ride, autocross or any other different driving environment by just adjusting the knob on the camber plate. So easy, isn’t it? Besides, our coilover allows you to gain a better handling experience, for the height of our coilover can be adjusted so that the height of the car can be lowered—thus lowering its center of gravity, minimizing roll and and allowing for greater control from yourself.


Moreover, our coilovers are all made from high-quality materials, whose most components are made form 6063 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness—the advantages include excellent strenth, and aluminum helps keep the weight down. And there is more to be added, that is, our Hi Tensile performance spring, which underwent 600,000 times continuously test, but the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. Marvelous, isn’t it? Plus, its special surface treatment is to improve the durablity and performance, which of course makes our products more desirable.


Ok! Owning a fantastic car is only the first step to become a qualified driver, but adding a little modification to your car, just like getting yourself excellent coilovers from Maxspeedingrods, is a great leap to your successful driver destination.