Golf GTI-W12 once made a noise for equipping a twin turbocharger of Bentley Continental GT. As its matched competitor, BMW won’t lag behind. BMW repacking factory made a case of a series 1M which was crammed into a 5.0L V10 naturally aspirated engine from BMW M5. And the power of this hot hatch stepped a new height.

Contributed by the large engine compartment, V10 engine wasn’t being arranged as repacking Golf GTI-W12 as at the back. The engine came from its older brother, BMW last series M5. After resetting ECU, it reached maximum 550HP and maximum 520 NM torque. The matched transmission was a 7-speed SMG gearbox same from M5, the accelerated time of which only spent 4.2s speeding from 0 km/h to 100km/h in such dapper body, 0-200 km/h within 12s.
And its maximum speed reached up to 325 km/h.

In order to fit for the interior changing, series 1 M upgraded a set of super-wide body kits without any change in shape, but was pasted a tiny badge on wheel fenders which hints the striking changing slightly.

After repacking, this series 1 M became 104 kg heavier than a standard version. In order to deal with the overweight, the series 1 M was upgraded coilovers suspension kits to ensure handling not weakening.