For Nissan Skyline GTS GTR R32 R33 RB20 RB25 RB26 S1 Series 1 Ignition Coil Pack

Product Code: IC-RB2633-Z3
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for Nissan SKYLINE R32 GTS-YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1989>93)
for Nissan SKYLINE R32 GTST/4-HCR32/HNR32-RB20DET (1989>93) 
for Nissan SKYLINE R32 GTS25-ECR32/ER32-RB25DE (1991>93)
for Nissan SKYLINE R33 GTS-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE S 1 (1993>95)
for Nissan SKYLINE R33 GTST-ECR33/ER33-RB25DET S 1 (1993>95)
for Nissan SKYLINE R32 GTR-BNR32-RB26DETT (1989>94)
for Nissan SKYLINE R33 GTR-BCNR33-RB26DETT (1995>98)
for Nissan STAGEA WGNC34 (AUTECH)-RB26DETT (1997)
for Nissan CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1990>92)
for Nissan CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DET (1990>92)
for Nissan CEFIRO LA31-RB20DE (1990>94) 
for Nissan CEFIRO LA31-RB20DET (1990>94)
for Nissan CEFIRO LCA31/LNA31/NA31-RB20DET (1990>94) 
for Nissan CEFIRO EA31/ECA31-RB25DE (1992>94)
for Nissan LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1991>93)
for Nissan LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1991>93) 
for Nissan LAUREL HC34-RB20DE (1993>94) 
for Nissan LAUREL EC33/ECC33-RB25DE (1991>93) 
for Nissan LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1993>94) 
for Nissan LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994) 
for Nissan LAUREL GCC34-RB25DE (1993>94) 
for Nissan LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>)
OEM Number :  22433-60U02


- Increased Ignition Performance --- High voltage output and spark energy
- Improved Combustion
- Possible power increase of around 11kw (15hp) at the wheels
- Improved throttle response and smoothness
- No spark blowout at higher boost
- Direct fit for factory mountings - Solid construction
- 1 Year Warranty
Quantity:  One set with 6 pieces (as the picture show)
Warranty:  1 year warranty


* No instruction included; professional installation suggested.
* For any needs please contact us vai eBay message.

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