Compatible for OPEL Meriva A 1.7 DTI 1686ccm 2003-on R1530037 LR1100502 New Alternator

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Compatible for HONDA Civic VII 1.7 CTDi 1686ccm 2002-2005
compatible for OPEL Astra G 1.7 CDTI compatible for AC 1686ccm 2003-2004
compatible for OPEL Astra G 1.7 DTI compatible for AC 1686ccm 2000-2004
compatible for OPEL Combo 1.7 DTI 1686ccm 2001-2004
compatible for OPEL Corsa C 1.7 CDTI 1686ccm 2000-2004
compatible for OPEL Corsa C 1.7 DTI compatible for AC 1686ccm 2000-2003
compatible for OPEL Meriva A 1.7 DTI 1686ccm 2003-on
compatible for VAUXHALL Astra G 1.7 CDTI 1686ccm 2003-2005
compatible for VAUXHALL Astravan G 1.7DTi 1686ccm 2000-on
compatible for VAUXHALL Corsa C 1.7 DTi 1686ccm 2000-on

OEM and Part Number

For Hitachi:
LR1100502, LR1100-502, LR1100502B
LR1100-502B, LR1100502E, LR1100-502E
LR1100502F, LR1100-502F, LR1100502G
LR1100-502G, LR1100502H, LR1100-502H
LR1100502J, LR1100-502J, LR1100502K
LR1100-502K, LR1100502L, LR1100-502L
LR1100502N, LR1100-502N, LR1100504B
LR1100-504B, LR1100504C, LR1100-504C
LR1100504E, LR1100-504E, LR1100505
LR1100-505, LR1100505B, LR1100-505B
compatible for Isuzu:
8971891133, 897189-1133, 8971891134
897189-1134, 8971891135, 897189-1135
8971891136, 897189-1136, 8971891137
897189-1137, 8971891138, 897189-1138
8972873923, 8973261801, 897326-1801
For Andre Niermann: 020502
For Bosch Exchange: 0986043981
For Delco: DRA3794
For Elstock: 28-3839
For Friesen: 9090006
For Hc: JA1521IR
For Hella: 8EL737795-001
compatible for Honda: 31100PLZD00
For Iskra: AAK5574
compatible for Opel: R1530037
For Valeo: 437497
For Valeo Exchange: 437497
compatible for Opel/Vauxhall: 1204158, 6204140, 93175799, 97189113

LRA01964, LRA1964, LRB00487, LRB487
Other Part Number:
LR1100502M, 97189113, 8971891133, 8971891136


please check your part numbers or contact us with vehicle vin or registration number to fit your vehicles before purchasing.

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