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Forged Connecting Rods For MG | H-beam Conrods For MG | Conrod For MG With ARP Bolts

Choose the most popular street performance H-beam connecting rods conrods con rods for MG with ARP bolts on Maxpeedingrods. The forged reinforce conrods will fit for MG Lotus Elise, MG Rover K Series, MG BMC B-series 5 and so on. Maxpeedingrods Connectingrods and other performance auto parts are in-stock and available for all MG models with free shipping.


For MG Rover K Series 1.8L 16V Lotus 18K4F H-Beam Connecting Rods Conrods

£208.00 £330.00

For MG BMC B-Series MGB 5 Main Bearing 800hp Conrods H-beam Connecting Rods

£196.00 £305.00
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