Many users are worried about that whether the turbocharger will be damaged easily before buying a turbo car. In fact, it is unnecessary. The quality of any goods are not absolute, the key lies in users’ usual maintenance practices. Passat is the most typical of family turbo car, a lot of friends around are running with the 1.8T turbo, they are all still working well now. Some people have ran 200,000 km, some close to 300,000 km, and there wasn’t the turbocharger damaged phenomenon.

For example, today’s turbocharger, most of them are good quality. The seal between the turbocharger and intake manifold, is the important key. And the reason why most turbos have issues is that the seals are broken, resulting in large-scale oil burning.

The main reason is that users are not maintain the turbo timely. The oil replacement cycle is too long and users use the inferior oil, which resulting in the floating turbo’s main shaft lacking of lubrication and cooling, and thus the seal is damaged firstly, then causing oil spilling.

In short : as long as the normal care while using the oil supplied by manufacturer or higher grade motor oil which is better than the oil standards. Now the quality and processes of turbocharger are all have a leap forward progress.