For some people, the F1 drivers’ need to be fit is ridiculous, for sitting in a car and driving around a circuit is definitely easy and comfortable enough. However, it just didn’t occur to them that driving the fastest car with speeds up to 300kph in a race, one would endure forces of5g, burn 1,400 calories and lose up to3kgof body weight in sweat. This is undoubtedly not an easy job and indeed demands the drivers to be very fit. Although there is so much to talk about the methods they adopt to keep fit, I would like to choose the food they eat as our today’s topic. Let’s go!


Every F1 driver follows a tailored and very strict diet, for they cannot afford to be weak and unwell. And just as any other sport out there, protein is a massive part of a Formula One driver’s diet. In the case of Lewis Hamilton, this starts right from his everday breakfast—a protein shake and some dry fruits such as raisins and through the rest of the day, he will try his upmost to cram as much protein in his meals, with chicken and fish being popular choices for lunch and dinner.


Apart from protein, one thing the F1 driver takes every day is carbohydrates, but very few of course. And some drivers even tend to further cut down their carbs intake to reduce their body fat, most of the time, they will still make sure to have some in one meal during the day in order to store some energy. The carbohydrades they eat are complex ones. For example, Jenson Button, the Mclaren driver, his common food to take carbs are brown rice and sweet potatoes, with the latter also being a favorite of Hamilton. Also, fruits and vegetables are also a must for the drivers’ diet, which are efficient in providing fibre and vitamines for them.


Being a F1 driver is hard. The difficulty does not lie in the strict diet and exhausting workout they must have every day, but in that one needs to be strong and slim at the same time, or the cockpit will be too small for him to squeeze into and too much weight is a burden for race. Clayton Green, Manager of the Human Performance Programme at Mclaren, said, “The minimum weight limit of the car this year is691kg. With the changes in technology, teams are struggling to get the cars down to the minimum limit - but they want to be as close to it as possible. Any extra weight equates to time per lap and they don’t want to give anything away to competitors. So we want everything as light as possible – including the drivers.”


Although it is not possible for us to be as fit as the F1 drivers, we can still start a much healthier diet now to be more fit in the future. Let’s do it!