Our car is our second home. However, we seem not to pay as much attention to the cleaning of our car as that of our real house, so that the car often ends to be a mess and sometimes the stains just stay forever. Thus, how to avoid that? How to keep my car clean? Here is some advice for you.


Keeping a trashbag in your car is always important. With a trashbag, you can avoid food falling onto the seats or even rolling under the seats.


Take out what you have brought in. Remember to take out the food you haven’t finished or it might give off bad smell. Also, take out the trashbag and replace it with a new one.


Make sure the napkins are at your disposal. There are always something happening in the car, milk spilled and child throwing up. You can clean all the mess if you have napkins around and if you can have cloth by your side, it will be even better.


Take off your shoes before you get into your car. Well, I don’t mean to let you drive your car with bare foot. All I ask is to get yourself clean shoes worn in the car only so that the dirt on your shoes for walking can be avoided.


Clean up the mess immediately. Once there’s something spilling in the car, use the napkins to blot up. After you get home, do a thorough cleaning right away. You should spray some air freshener if necessary.


Clean your windows from time to time. A car will look dirtier if there is dust on the windows. Thus, you should use window cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the interior and exterior of all the windows.


Protect your carpets. You can buy some cheap rubber mats to put on top of the carpets.


Well, that’s all for the tips for keeping the car clean. If you want more information about car maintenance, you can contact Maxspeedingrods for help.