At present, more and more people are enthusiastic about modifying automobile, pursuing grandiloquent shape, upgrading in strong power, and enjoying driving to close to automobile spiritually, all of these make people sensitive and exciting, and provoke a great number of people to modify automobile as their dreaming of.

The main purposes of modification are as following:
1. High performance needs
The owners would like to upgrade automobile by themselves to improve partly performance and enhance security, when they dissatisfy with some sections during driving.
2. Fashion and tastes needs
The owners capture the pulse of modification fashion and have asking in the quality of upgrade performance parts in order to grasp the newest repacking tide.
3. Racing needs
The owners chase the passion of speed, long for strong power, and they ask slashing control performance, concern the sense of driving and racing. These people love kinds of auto competition, dreaming to be drivers and releasing enthusiasm on channels, so they modify their cars totally according racing automobile, such as replace some parts by racing parts.
4. Enjoy modification needs
The owners upgrade cars simply by the understanding and favor of themselves. They study various repacking parts and enjoy the processing of modification for seeking the worth of themselves from adjustment.

Auto modification represents the taste of the owner and a comprehension of automobile culture rather than simply repacking. Therefore, auto modification is a kind of culture, owner’s character, infatuation with machinery and the challenge with extremes.

In a word, auto modification is the result of personalization developing. It brings us joy, motivation, knowledge, culture, personality etc. Meanwhile, it’s a commercial chain to `drive consumption and raise national tax and providing opportunity of employment, pulling the development of domestic automobile industry and aftermarket.