When it comes to handling car, the suspension system bears 80% responsibility. The most important parts of suspension system, are shock struts and springs. Relative belong to the "natural conditions" suspension structure, it is facilitate to replace the suspension system, modification potential, the effect is immediate.

The role of the suspension system

As a hub connecting the wheel and the frame, suspension system ideal job is to eliminate all the impact and squeeze to the car body from road or inertia. If there is no coilover, the main structure of the car will rapidly aging deformation, and finally fall apart. Thus, although the suspension system gives us the intuitive feeling is the car run more stable, vibration is smaller, in fact, its main purpose is to protect the vehicle structure.


Coilover Suspension system works

Coilover Suspension system works

Two core components of this system are shock struts and springs. The spring is the primary buffer for absorbing shock and vibration; Shock struts are used to bind the springs to work more stable.

It is so abstract, we give an example. When the spring is compressed before release, it will not only restore the original length , but also will continue to stretch with inertia , reach the critical point , pulled back , reduced to a length shorter than the original, and so after several forth it restore calm, which is called the damping effect in physics.

This effect is detrimental to the operate vehicle. damping effect will make the wheel bounce up and down, so that the occupant discomfort . On the other hand, if impacted again in the spring retraction, damping effect will be greatly reduced, the result is some impact can’t be the spring offset and damage the frame.


Shock struts exist for damping effect. When the spring shortened, shock struts also followed shortened. When the impact is ending and the spring elongate, Shock struts quickly reset and "pull " spring to prevent their continued bouncing . So, the shock struts’ rebound damping is greater than the contraction damping, it can recover its initial position than the spring, which is the key to suppress bounce.

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