Nissan has been working for years on technology to improve chassis control. Basically they are trying to make cars handle better, smoother and safer. There are 3 areas that make up their Chassis Control System


With Active Ride Control, bumps are not as jarring for passengers, making your ride smooth no matter the terrain you are driving on. Active Trace Control works with your car's braking system to make cornering safer and helping you maintain control of all four wheels, even if you're not driving in a straight line. Finally the Active Engine Brake works in conjunction with the other 2 to help the driver in acceleration, braking and cornering situations.


One of the major new components that has come out of all this research is the coilover suspension. This features a shock and/or strut combined with a coiled spring around it. What this does is create a customizable suspension to match whatever kind of driving you are going to be doing.


Coilover suspension offer many great features that can also be purchased as aftermarket kits for other makes and models. One of the main features that gets everyone's attention is the adjustability. Not only can the height of the vehicle be changed but the camber (side-to-side) and the damper (up and down) can be adjusted to suit the driver's needs. Handling and comfort can be improved for your day in, day out driving during the week, up and down the highway and then adjusted on the weekend for a little performance action on the track.


When considering coilovers, one of the main things you want to look for are complete kits that included everything you need to mount them into your ride without having to reuse some of you existing parts. You don't want to have to try and match up what going to work with what. You want a complete kit that is already assembled so all you have to do is install it in your ride and you know all the components are designed and built to work together. Prices can range greatly but when dealing with a major part of the safety and handling of your vehicle, you want to do your homework and gets what's right for you and your type driving, not just what's cheapest. One final consideration in installation. This is where a professional should really be considered. Most kits don't come with instructions and you don't want to gamble with safety and security and wonder if it was done correctly. Plus anytime you do any work on your suspension, you want to check and correct your alignment so unless you are working at or running a full service garage, let the experts handle a major installation such as this.


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