The 2014 F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has got a special birthday message from his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg.


Rosberg tweeted:

“#HappyBirthdayLewis - 30!! Have a great party! This day is good for me. You are old now, so hopefully it will be easier for me this year :-)”


Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have been friends since their childhood. Although their friendship has been tested during the last season, they seemed to become friends again after Rosberg congratulated Hamilton on his clinching F1 world title in Abu Dhabi.


Securing 11 poles overall, Nico Rosberg indeed did a much better job than his champ teammate in qualifying. With five wins and ten further podiums last season, the German have the great potential to deliver a better result in the 2015 season.


However, the Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz held it that Lewis Hamilton was a definite champion in 2014 and Nico Rosberg needed to try hard to catch up.


He said: “In many ways it is amazing to think that Lewis Hamilton has done so much at such a young age – he has just turned 30.


“A double world champion and I think he does go into the season as the title favourite. He will have everything in his arsenal that he did last year – he’ll have the dominant car, he’ll have the edge in races over his team-mate Nico Rosberg.


“An interesting thing I am looking forward to over the winter is how Rosberg addresses that deficit. Yes, Rosberg was just as fast as Hamilton in qualifying, but in the races it was really all Hamilton – Hamilton is just the better racer. So Rosberg needs to find something in his locker, whereas Hamilton knows he has that advantage over Rosberg going into the season.”


Also, he added that he thought that Mercedes would undoubtedly dominate the upcoming season again.


He said: “Really that should be the only thing that changes – the car is expected to be as dominant this year as it was last year with the rest just scrambling to catch up.”


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