Suspension is the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows the relative motions between the two. With coilovers, you can make an adjustment to your car by tuning both the springs and shocks at one time. But how to do it? Let me explain it to you.


First, you need to know what each part of your coilover is for. When your car goes over a bump, the springs absorb some force but reboud a lot as well to make the car keep bouncing for a long period of time. However, with the help of shocks, absorbing upward force between the wheels and the frame, you can enjoy more ride comfort. But what about the springs? Are they useful? Actually, the springs indeed cannot dissipate much force caused by the bump, but they keep tension between the suspension and the frame, limiting the frame’s independent movement from the wheels so that makes them indispensable too.


We usually don’t recommend you to adjust your springs. But you can still change the height of the coilover by just turning the bottom steel or aluminum shaft.Well, as for adjusting the shock, all you need to know is every adjustable coilover has a knob on the camber plate, and if you turn it clockwise, the shock will be hard; if you turn it anticlockwise, the shock will be soft.


Ok, now you have known how to adjust your coilovers. Do it yourself sometime!