If you love speed and the excitement the sports car bring to you, you may consider carving out a career in auto racing as a mechanic. But you may ask what I should do to become a race car mechanic. Well, now I would like to explain it to you.


1.You should get prepared as early as when you are still in high school: taking auto shop and math classes. The study of the two subjects will provide you with solid foundation of knowledge. Also, it will pave the way for your later study in the college.


2. Enroll in auto mechanics program in college or you can go to a technical school instead, because some technical schools focus on race mechanics, including engine and chassis design, building and testing. And you can choose a school that is near your home to reduce the cost of renting an apartment. However, if there is no such school near your home can provide excellent education about race mechanics, you’d better choose to go to the better one. After all, a solid education might give you an advantage over others.


3. Find work in auto garage. If you want to have a career in racing, you must first gain a lot of experience in the car service. In order to gain certification, you must have two years of work experience and pass a certification test.


4. You can organize a stock car team yourself or help out another team on the local circuit. This will be a good chance for you to gain garage experience and show off your talent. Also, it enables you to network with bigger teams where you would like to work in the future.


5. Prepare your resume. You should cover all your education and work experience in that. And remember to deliver a cover letter as well, illustrating the special advantage you have over the other competitors.


6. Be confident at the interview.


7. Wait for the offer and get prepared to work.


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