Daniel Ricciardo, the current main driver of the F1 Red Bull team, said that he believed the team could close the gap in 2015.


After the German team Mercedes dominated 2014 season, all the other teams have been zealously preparing for the upcoming competition. And Red Bull Racing is definitely not an exception.


Ricciardo said: “I've got faith we can close the gap.


“Looking back at Melbourne, we missed all the testing and we got second [before being disqualified] – or at least we were up the front.”


Also, the Australian noted that though Mercedes would still be strong, Red Bull would definitely deliver a better result after months of thorough preparation.


He said: “Obviously Mercedes continued to get stronger, which is not what we were hoping. I would like to think that now that they have caressed that pinnacle and we feel we have a lot more to gain.


“With a strong winter, which is pretty much inevitable, we should definitely close the gap. I have faith that we can do something to close it.”


And with the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel switched from Red Bull to Ferrari, leaving the only 2014 F1 non-Mercedes winner Daniel Ricciardo to race with inexperienced Daniil Kvyat. Since Kvyat has just graduated from Toro Rosso, Ricciardo has become the team leader. And he acknowledged that he felt he had more responsibility in 2015.


He said: “I definitely feel a bit more responsibility now that I am the older guy in the team.


“With the relationships I have made [in 2014], it is easier for me to share my input, speak to the big guys. We know each other better and it is just natural that that evolution happens.”


And he added that he would do his best to fight for the team.


He said: “I will be busy over the winter and for the team's sake I want the car to be as quick as possible. I will do whatever I can.”


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