(1) The exhaust system modification methods

1) The usual exhaust system modification only involves the exhaust tail pipe. But it is appropriate to increase the diameter of exhaust pipe and change the structural of muffler, and making the air flow increase in unit area, so that the exhaust emissions more smoothly. The most basic modification is that putting a more aesthetically pleasing stainless steel sheath at the end of the exhaust pipe, its advantage is cheap, easy to install, and will not have any effect on the original car.

2) The deeper levels of exhaust system modification is to truncate the original exhaust tail pipe, and weld special tail pipes in the truncated place, or directly replace the dedicated exhaust system tail pipes launched by different brand manufacturers. These tail pipes are made of stainless steel, low-frequency sound is the biggest feature. Although the sound is low, but very refreshing. However, if the the owners taking this modified approach, they must give up the original exhaust tail pipe.

3) The deepest modification focus on the former middle of exhaust pipe and exhaust manifold. The former middle of exhaust pipe involves the modification of catalytic converter and the diameter and inner wall of exhaust pipe; Exhaust manifold modification involves the exhaust line arrangements.