In order to take account of running accuracy, fuel consumption, durability, and any other considerations, the car manufacturers usually adopt a more conservative setting in turbo capacity, pressurization value or A / R values. So in modified perspective, the original turbocharger has more upgrade space. And during the installation or upgrade, many people will get confused, to choose a powerful turbo, or to choose good reaction but low speed torque type?


In fact, the internal capacity size is to match the different characteristics turbo designs, the engine also has its own characteristics, single-convex and bi-convex on its own strengths. It must be considered the engine designs when identify a turbocharger.


Further, displacement is also very important. Drive a greater capacity turbo and make it full play the boost effect, of course the engine itself must have a larger displacement. And if you use large a turbo in small displacement car, then the engine at low speed area, smaller amount of emissions, the rate rotation of the turbo can not increase relatively, the boost value is difficult to upgrade.


So if the engine is under the same condition of boost value, and using different capacity respectively, a small and a large turbo. Using a large turbo engine is advantageous in power, but the pressure response and operating characteristic, large turbo engine cannot be compared with small turbo engine. So if it has both high power and fast response, it is the dream of many car crazy.

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