The British Ram Racing Squad has just made a successful competition return in Dubai 24 Hours by finishing second, which is a good sign that they might get the budget for taking part in the rest of the championship.


After a six-month absence from competition, the 2013 European Le Mans Series GTE champion team finally goes back to the grid and has delivered a satisfying result in the first round of the championship. And it is said that the team has shifted its focus to GT3 racing, with Creventic’s international endurance series being the primary target.


Prior to the race, team CEO Dan Shufflebottom said: “We’re hoping we can get a program together to do the rest of this championship. That’s our focus at the moment.


“If some other stuff comes off the back of that, then great, we’ll look and see what we can do. I think we’d really like to do this.


“Some of the other races aren’t as strong as this one, in regards to the level of drivers are at. We’d intend to go do it with a similar level of drivers, if not the same ones. So there’s a good chance of the championship.”


Also, Shufflebottom thinks that the 24H Series has much attraction to the GT3 teams.


He said: “As soon as they make it a championship, everyone wants to do it. I think because of that, you’ll see that the other races get a lot more interest from some of the bigger teams as well.”


One thing deserves our attention is that the Silverstone-base Ram has undergone a significant change in the past six months: a switch from Ferrari to Mercedes-Benz. Thus, in Dubai 24 Hours, we saw the Ram Racing fielding a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 for Tom Onslow-Cole, Adam Christodoulou, Cheerag Arya and AMG factory driver Thomas Jaeger.


As for this, Shufflebottom said: “Our philosophy has changed a bit as a team. We’re going to focus on GT3 and if we can build a good relationship with AMG.”


And it is true that with the launch of AMG’s new GT3 car set for 2016, this move could be particularly advantageous.


Shufflebottom added: “There’s no reason why we wouldn’t get the new car if the opportunity was there to do so, in regards to the budget and the program we’re going to do.


“We’ll look at that when the new car comes out and hopefully will get some more information about it soon and we can start to see what we’ll do moving forward into next year. For now, the SLS and trying to do the full championship is the focus.”


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