For Vauxhall Ignition Coils

An ignition coil (also called a spark coil) is an induction coil in an automobile's ignition system that transforms the battery's low voltage to the thousands of volts needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. If you have any issues with your car's ignition coil, you should order an ignition coil replacement as soon as possible.

Maxpeedingrods Provides Ignition Coils fit for  Vauxhall AGILA A, Corsa B C,  Astra J and etc. Get your quality Ignition Coils replacement parts from Maxpeedingrods. 


Ignition Coil Pack for Vauxhall Vectra B C Astra G H Corsa C Zafira A 1.8L 16V

£24.00 £35.00

Ignition Coil Packs For Vauxhall AGILA A 1.0 12v Corsa B C 1.0 12v 90543059


For Opel Vauxhall Astra J 1.4 Adam Corsa D 1.4 Ignition Coil Pack 7-Pin 55579072


Ignition Coil Pack for Vauxhall Astra Insignia Mokka Chevrolet Aveo 2009-2018

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